Gary S. Costello Investment Loss Recovery Options

If you have suffered losses in Palm Beach, Florida financial advisor Gary Steven Costello, please call Kons Law Firm today at (860) 920-5181 for a FREE Consultation regarding your investment loss recovery options.

Gary Costello Subject to Five Customer Disputes in 2023

According to public records, Gary Costello was terminated from Truist investment Services in August 2023 following reports that "the firm investigated various trade corrections and margin activity in his personal account as well as client accounts." Following this termination, public records reported that financial advisor Gary Costello had five (5) customer disputes pending - four of which relate to unauthorized trading and one that relate to churning and unauthorized withdrawals.

Fortunately for those investors who suffered losses with former Florida broker Gary Costello, they may be able to pursue recovery of their investment losses through FINRA arbitration or securities litigation. In the securities industry, when a financial advisor like Gary Costello sells investments, the brokerage and investment advisory firms have a regulatory duty to supervise their financial advisors and the securities transactions they enter into to ensure that the investments recommended by their broker are suitable. If the investments recommended by Gary Costello were not suitable, the firm she was registered with may be liable to the investor for the losses that they have suffered.

Gary Costello Unauthorized Trading Loss Recovery Options

Unauthorized trading occurs when a financial advisor buys or sells securities without prior consent from the investor. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and state securities laws prohibit unauthorized trading. Unless an investor has given the broker discretion to make trades in the account, the broker must first discuss all trades with the investor before executing them. Unauthorized trading can occur in many ways, including marking trades as unsolicited or getting a client to agree to an investment strategy without obtaining consent for each trade.

The remedies for unauthorized trading include compensatory damages, rescinding (unwinding) the unauthorized trades, or in some cases market-adjusted damages if the portfolio would have performed better had it not been for the unauthorized trading.

How Can I Recover Money from My Investment Losses with Gary Costello?

If you are an investor who has suffered losses investing with Palm Beach, Florida financial advisor Gary Steven Costello, you may be able to pursue recovery of your losses through FINRA arbitration. Please call Kons Law Firm at (860) 920-5181 for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation to discuss your investment loss recovery options.

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